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   WOW! CAN YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE 22? Time has flown by. According to science, redheads are proven to age better and I couldn't agree more! With every passing day, you are more beautiful, intelligent, strong and wonderful. You continue to amaze me and everyone else in your life. 

    You are graduated and oh my gosh going for a masters! That is absolutely crazy, but you are destined to do nothing short of outstanding things. I wish for all the best for you as it's what someone as caring and loving as you are deserves. You are truly the most genuine and kind person I've ever met and it is an honor to call you a best friend.


    I really wanted to make a meaningful piece for you on your special day. I also adored that boat art you posted. I love you so much!

Here's the download link:

   I love you endlessly Darc, have a wonderful birthday <3

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